Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just hang on a sec ..............

If you're in a hurry, stop here! Sorry this is a long post, but it's mostly pictures, so not that bad really. The pictures below are all incidentals - not the target of the time out, but seen and snapped along the way.
To start a fledgling blackbird, trying to find it's way back into the hedge while I was hunting whitethroats.

Most, however have been a consequence of a new addition to the family - a 2 year old rescue border collie.
One thing we do now is walk! I have taken to bringing my pocket digital camera (in a pocket), and have been pleasantly surprised by the results, even if my requests to 'hang on a sec' aren't always welcomed! Compared to my usual macro lens the difference is that this takes wide-angle close-ups, showing more of the background. Not the shot for the classic detail, but I quite like them.

Slow worm

Rhingia campestris
Empis spp. Predatory species found in a hedgerow, most often prey in hand. The last shot shows what I take to be 2 mating empids and a prey fly.

I think a digger wasp. I'm no entomologist, so please correct any mistakes!
Ichneumon spp.
Green shield bug

Soldier beetle
Cricket nymph - pretty sure dark bush cricket, no idea which instar.

Ermine moth caterpillar webs

Unidentified caterpillar - please let me know if you recognise this one.

Holly blue

Speckled wood
Common wave (?)
Next some micromoths. some of these are surprisingly pretty up close.

Adela reaumurella clustering on a tree. I especially like the 'through the leaf'' shot.

Unknown spp
Unknown spp
Unknown spp
Alabonia geoffrella
Phyllobius pomaceus - showing blue green and gold green variants

and to conclude the now hatched larva of the green dock beetles I posted about a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for sticking with it - just be grateful I didn't include the flowers shots!!

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