Saturday, November 05, 2011

Owls at Aust

A backwards day today.  The forecast sunshine didn't materialise until midday, but that at least was the only saving grace of my failed attempt to see the local snow bunting.  The sightings websites are great, but there is a major frustration in seeing reported sightings of birds at the start of the week that you know will be gone by the time you have the chance to try and see them.
When the sun did come out I had to make the decision whether to drive the long way round to Aust Warth to look for the short eared owls.  With the old Severn bridge closed for repairs a journey of 10-15 minutes becomes a trip of 30-35.  Still it looked like the sun might hold so I went.
Sometimes they appear earlier in the afternoon, but today it was the usual 4pm.  I was sitting in the car listening to the football (I'd been there about 90 mins), hanging out of the window, when I suddenly realised I was looking at an owl sitting on a log.  I never saw it fly in - for all I know it had been resting up in the long grass.  Anyway we were then treated to a show by 2 owls (a third was reported) in reasonable, but dying light.  In order to get some closer views I cranked up the ISO and hoped.
A few shots below starting with an experiment in black and white, and there are more on the website.

A lovely way to spend the last hour of the day.


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful. Catching Owl in flight is cracking.

Anonymous said...

oh I still wonder how to find some owls, and for you it´s second nature:-)

Jeremy said...

Lovely shots! Are they full-frame, or cropped at all? Thanks.

Brian said...

Thanks Jeremy. Some are crops, although only minimal or not at all for the couple of closest ones.