Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Times

A slow few weeks, with any decent weekend weather failing to coincide with my free time.

I did have a couple of hours down at the saltmarsh in the vain hope of finally snapping a male wheatear.  Not for the first time the only bird to make it in front of the lens was a meadow pipit, and even it didn't pose where intended!

A few snaps of things fungal.  As usual the names where given are best guesses.

To start, I think, chicken of the woods.  That was my first thought although the picture in my book looked quite different.

Velvet shanks (?)


Parrot waxcap

Some form of bolete species?

Something white in the fields!

To close, common puffball.  I feel you see in comparing this range of pictures taken over about 30 minutes what the right light can bring to a snap - warmth and texture in the last 2.