Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring is sprung ......

My grebe project has come to an unexpected stop, and I'm not sure it will restart this year.  More to follow in due course.  I haven't done too much photography otherwise, except when I have been out walking the dog which is a shame because I had planned to try and work on my flower photography this year.  I've even bought some cheap LED lights to play around with rather than use flash.
The thing is I think I lack some patience for plant snapping.  I like the buzz of catching a bird before it moves on, but with plants you need to think about composition, lighting and have the time to do so - which isn't when you are walking the dog!  Some folks do it well - I especially like Sandra Bartocha and Radomir Jakubowski as well as Jodie Randall.  I bet none of them were trailing a whippet though.
Still a few shots below, many with the pocket camera:
 I haven't forgotten the mammals though, just not found time to go after them.  Later I hope to have a go for the badgers that have established a latrine in a local field,

but I hope I get my lens choice better than I did when trying to squeeze the fox into frame.

Look at those pearly white's though.

More orchids expected to come - determined to work out how to snap the twayblades this year.