Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not just another waxwing photo

Not often I do this, but you should have a look at these amazing posts from a blogger on Fair Isle.

The few times I have seen waxwings I have been captivated by them, so can only imagine how Tommy and his son felt!
Meanwhile those of us in the south west await our turn with eager anticipation, but I expect it will be a while yet. There seems to be plenty of food around this year. Watch those white berried rowans - seem to be a preference. A blast from the past below.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

USA Canyonlands

Just back from a trip to the States. Not a wildlife holiday as such but we did see some good wildlife (can't believe how big elk are), even if I didn't manage to photograph the condor (wrong lens) or the hummingbird (too slow, and not the chance to wait ..... and wait!). Did photograph some big holes and pretty rocks. Oh, and after 15 years finally got hitched (Vegas yes, Elvis no).

Uinta chipmunk

Bryce Canyon - a real wow, but get there for dawn
Zion Canyon - cracking place to go walking

Grand Canyon - self portrait. It's big.
More pictures in the Canyonlands web album HERE