Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Neon or pastel? Who cares - it's dry!

It felt good to get back to the woods again.  At last some dry weather and even a hint of sunshine saw me up at the far woodland feeding station, where the sunflower hearts and the nijer seed are now disappearing fast.  3 main options for snaps - an interestingly weathered tree stump with a central hollow for seed, a small puddle and various props positioned near the nijer 'plank'.
The usual finches and tits appeared, but the highlights were the siskins, pocket-sized but feisty males in full bling plumage, and the marsh tits - just as small, but possessed of a subtle pastel elegance.  The tree stump doesn't look quite as good as I hoped when I found it and the props should be dripping with lichen rather than bald and pale, but what the hell, they look OK.

I always hope for a hawfinch here, but not a tick to be heard yet.  There is still time this year, but I won't be holding my breath!