Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 - "Cranreuch cauld"

From time to time I come across a word that grabs me. I don't always know why, but some are just pleasing. I came across 'cranreuch' years ago reading an old book of poems at my parents house (not a sentence I could often say!). It's from the Burns poem 'To A Mouse' about the farmer who's trashed the mouse nest, and is apologising.
Cranreuch means hoar frost, and I found some today. We'd gone for a New Year's Day walk in Wentwood - not that high, but above the very visible 'frost-line' The light was so bad I hadn't bothered to take a camera - I didn't expect the frost to be so good - but Kay's dad had a compact which I pinched. The shots won't win any prizes, but they do illustrate a lovely cold cranreuch.


herbaltree said...

Hi Brian,
I'd like to use one of your pictures from Picasa of a house sparrow for an article on front gardens in our village magazine. (I couldn't work out how to contact you through Picasa). Is that OK, and if so how would you like the credit to be displayed?

Brian said...

Hi Robert
Feel free to use one for your village mag. - delighted they can serve a purpose! If it fits perhaps you could simply use my blog URL for any credit. If any problems extracting from Picasa or you would prefer a different size just let me know the picture number and your email address.
Brian (Williams)