Saturday, May 07, 2011

Willow wren

In addition to the blog I show my pictures on some picasa web albums. It allows you to see how many time shots have been viewed, and so I know I generally have a select audience! However 2 years ago - almost to the day - I posted a picture of a wood warbler, and started to receive many more comments than usual. In the end 89,631 people have looked at the picture. I was amazed, but in time found it was because it had been selected as a 'featured photo'. It wasn't a great shot, although I suppose the woodland and overcast conditions gave it a certain atmosphere. That was the only time I had ever tried to snap wood warblers, so I decided it was time to try again.
They can be frustrating, liking to sing quite high up meaning that lovely white breast is often cast in shade - if you can get the bird into any sunlight anyway, and in full song the head is thrown back meaning many shots are largely torso. I found one quite quickly, and it wasn't completely anti-social, although there was certain vampiric tendency to avoid the sun. So here are a few of the better snaps, but let's be clear, I'll be very happy if 89 people have a look!

If you want to see some better quality versions have a look at the web albums! By the way at one time, until the Revd Gilbert White came along, the name willow wren was given to what we now recognise as three different warblers - willow, wood and chiffchaff.
If you want to see some really nice wood warbler shots have a look HERE and HERE at Rich Steel's blog (always quality), or HERE at Chris Grady's album including some shots of birds with food.

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