Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby ..............

A post or two ago I wrote about the rather chaotic flight of our local cockchafers, but they weren't the only insects I've come across recently flying like that.
Whilst standing in a country lane, remote camera trigger in hand, waiting for a whitethroat to land on the target post I watched a hornet fly down the lane and swing into the hedge. A second later I was shocked by a bright pink ball of confusion that shot out the hedge, bounced around the lane and then seemed to disappear. My first thought as some kind of beetle, but on closer inspection I actually found a moth, although not the stunning pink I had first glimpsed.
Then again look at those stockings. Just a hint of pink maybe?
It flew onto a leaf showing a little more colour,
but it was when it surprisingly flew up and landed on my hand that I could finally confirm my first impression. I didn't get any pictures of it in flight, but my books say in the south the hindwings are pink, whereas in the north they are grey.
It's a Ruby Tiger - apparently not uncommon, and one I would love to find again. In the south.
And yes, that's the camera trigger in my hand.

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