Sunday, June 05, 2011

Scotland : Lochs

A rather wet and windy week in Scotland at the end of May. A friend's grandfather once summed up Scotland rather disparagingly as "nobbut hills and watter". The weather meant that realistically the high hills weren't really on the agenda (for the second year running), so let's start with the watter. An old favourite site soon produced the inevitable mallard family ....................

but that wasn't the target. Fortunately though I soon found the birds I was seeking - the fabulous Slavonian grebes. The light was tricky, swinging quite rapidly from sun to cloud and showers, but eventually I got some reasonable shots, much better than my feeble efforts last year.

Feeding - couldn't quite make out what this was -
and at last a decent portrait - bit of a crop, but still fine enough detail.
One bird showing much better this year than in the past caught me by surprise - ever tried to snap an osprey lying on the ground, using a bean bag and trying not to alarm the grebe in front of you!
These pictures and more will appear on the web album soon, where you can see better versions.

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