Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scotland: Woodland river

Another grey day saw me head for the Moray Firth in an abortive search for dolphins, but whilst there I paid a visit to one of my favourite little spots - The Fairy Glen at Rosemarkie. A relatively short streamside walk through woodland is usually good for grey wagtails (depends how you define good!) .....
and dippers. The nest site had changed since I was last there. At the best of times it is a shady spot, but this time the ISO settings had to be jacked right up and even then I was surprised to get some non-blurred shots. The adults coming in with food often paused at the top of a waterfall ......

and one of them at least had the habit of washing the food before taking it to the nest. Don't recall ever seeing that before.

So poor light, and not the best angles meant the dipper shots were a bit disappointing, but the dolphins more so. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I have been to Chanonry Point and not had a reasonable view, and with the crowds that attend each incoming tide now I did feel sorry for the folks who'd seen it on the tv and thought they just had to turn up. Not quite fair - some had been there hours, with all those with experience constantly saying "I'm sure they'll be in soon!" Whilst there I met Sandy McLennan, one of the local photographers hooked on the dolphins. Bemoaning the weather he mentioned that he had been planning to visit Handa Island. The seeds were sown for a long drive, some truly horrible weather, but one of my favourite snaps of the holiday. Then again that's another day, another post.

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