Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Scotland: The woods

With the wind not letting up the woodland might have been somewhere to find a welcome retreat, and certainly there were some birds around - redstart, wood warbler, spotted flycatcher - in this lovely birch wood. However despite visiting classic caledonian woodland several times I didn't see the standard highland targets of crested tit, crossbill or red squirrel.
Back in some birch wood a severe scolding gave me a clue, and I watched the blue tits at this nest for a while.
The birds would take food in at the top of the split ........
then reappear at the bottom with a faecal sac.
At least they did until they got more used to me after which they just flew straight in half way down. Chaffinches were everywhere of course
the rarely seen robin (!)
and a young thrush. I think mistle, but happy to be corrected!
None great shots, and the woods weren't a highlight for this year. I know if I really want to snap crested tits I need to go back in winter - maybe next year.

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