Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hedgerow and copse II

As Rolf would say "Can you tell what it is yet?". Not what they usually catch.

Another weekend on-call ruled out the Forest of Dean, so it was back to the copse. As the starlings in the house have fledged (21 baby starlings on the lawn on Sunday) I was hopeful the same would be true in the wood, leading to a more peaceful day!
Walking along the hedge I was pleased to see the whitethroats seem to have nested - certainly one was carrying insects. This would be a first for me locally. Whilst trying to see it I found another webspinning caterpillar - not the Lackey this time. Probably an ermine moth, I think.
And whilst watching them I saw this cracking scorpion fly
Sadly not one with the curled up tail, but still a good find. I wondered if it was predating the caterpillars, but from my books it seems they are mainly scavengers or fruit eaters, so I guess not.
Into the wood and I was delighted to find this pair of birds building a nest.
Being 35 feet up in a tree the views weren't the best, but this crop shows the classic spotted flycatcher pose.

I've mainly seen them in Scotland before, and usually at a much lower level. There is a small glade, so I'll go back soon to see if they come down to a more photo friendly level.
And, yes the copse was much, much quieter. There are more nests, although I still haven't found the green woodpecker hole that I am sure is there. And I think I heard a lesser spotted woodpecker drumming - got it on video (the sound!) and might post it to see what others think.
As usual some better quality shots on the web albums.

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