Monday, June 16, 2008


Suddenly my little copse has gone quiet, literally. The green woodpecker is rarely to be heard. No trees are cheeping from holes. No sign of the spotted flycatchers (incubating or gone?). Nearby though the world is young, fresh and having a wash.

This fabulous robin fledgling came for a look .......

(as ever better quality images on the web album) and a whitethroat just about crept into camera range (at last).

At home the 5th brood of house sparrows seems to be doing well, and one was even trying swallow mum's head whole.

Meanwhile this male was ready to try again, and letting the local ladies know, by sitting above a nest box, cheeping incessantly and strutting his stuff in a kind of metrosexual blend of fluffing and pumping up.

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