Monday, June 09, 2008

Going, going, gone

On Saturday we were out gardening when we realised the second of our blue tit broods this year was fledging. Rubbish photos - focusing issue mainly, but low light too - but you can see the pattern as one of the chicks is tempted out of the nest box. At least three ended up on the floor, and they were still flitting around today.

It's been quite a good year. At least 4 broods of house sparrow on the go or fledged already in our nest boxes on the house, 3 starling nests in the eaves (we had 21 juvenile starlings on the lawn one day) and the house martins were back nest building today. Add to that fledgling blackbirds (I'm fairly sure we had couple of nests, but didn't find them), great tits, collared dove and greenfinch. Just waiting now for the jackdaws, probably my favourites as the young are such good value - they bully their parents even more than starlings, and that's going some.

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