Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forest morning

I still find it strange to see ducks in trees. I know goldeneye nest there, but I've never seen one just sitting in a tree, unlike this Mandarin pictured in the early morning at Cannop Ponds.

Nearby a second was just waking up, as was it's duckling - briefly - before they both settled down again for a while.

Then there was a bit of wriggling, and suddenly there was a multitude. Well a small multitude anyway.
I still haven't got even a half good picture of a male redstart, but I'm making some kind of incremental progress. At least this is recognisable!But the highlight of the day was the pied flycatchers, which were exceptionally obliging. Sadly the 'pair shot' isn't as sharp as this resolution might suggest, but overall I'm pleased with this range of snaps (and another sixty or so - the hazard of digital photography).

As always I will post 'latest' shots on the web album (see links) where the quality will be significantly better.

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