Friday, March 28, 2008

Other northern bits

Clumber Park gets pretty busy at weekends, with the wildfowl gratefully accepting the bread people bring along. The tufted duck struggled to compete with the larger mallards, but then demonstrated a feeding technique I'd not really taken note of before - diving for the sinking bread!

The crows also followed the bread, whilst the squirrel went for seed (I like the lighting on this shot, but the pale grass stem and the seed husk on it's arm just take the edge off it. Not sure it would be very easy to PS the seed.)

Blackbird at Clumber, female brambling in Kay's parents garden.

Meanwhile at Old Moor after a long wait this snipe finally came close enough for some pictures. Amazing how they can probe so deeply with that bill. Sadly the light was going, and the last shot actually shows it seeking refuge from the rain. Still if it's bad light, find a bird that looks ok in a brightened, contrasty shot!

I've got more posts from nearer to home to come in next day or so, but 2 is enough for one night!

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