Monday, March 10, 2008

Bloody Met Office

It was meant to rain on Sunday, so I decided to have another go for the male blackcap, rather than venture out. The 'rain' came twice for about 5 minutes and otherwise the sun shone. Wrong choice! The blackcap remains surprisingly shy compared to the female. It has a look, but must see the camera and after a brief hesitation leaves again. I did have a few visitors though to brighten the day.

Late afternoon after a bit of digging and concreting (if you can't photograph at least do something dirty) I tried to use the late sun, but sadly it went behind the trees all too quickly leaving the second two pictures looking sadly flat in comparison.
Having just seen Dave Slater's recent photo's it makes me wonder why I bother anyway! Still let's see it as a challenge. - boar - common frogs

I've yet to see a boar, but I would wholeheartedly endorse his comments about the boar shot in the school. The animal was trapped and it is no wonder it got agitated, but the media reporting was all from the sensational angle about this potential killer. They'd got the kids safe, so why not try and find another way to deal with the situation?

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