Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another eeyore day

Pulling back the curtains, I looked out at the leaden skies sucking every last photon of light from the world outside and thought .......................... it must be the weekend.

Yet again another grey and wet weekend, with the promise of sunshine on Monday and Tuesday when I'm safely back at work. Thank you God.
Still make the most of what you have. There had been a posting of a black redstart a few miles away. As I've never seen one I reminded myself that I do like seeing birds as well as taking photo's and headed off. I'd never walked along Beachley Point before, but I think it holds some promise for bits and pieces on a sunny day - long tailed tits, the odd curlew and some cliche goldfinches.
It never ceases to amaze me how you can turn up at a venue listed on t'internet and stumble over the bird you came looking for. There it was. The light was rubbish, it started raining and the bird was quite flitty as I had no cover, but I had some nice views through the bins and even managed a couple of record shots. (As you will remember 'record shots' means they are crap, but prove you saw it!)

Just think if the sun had been shining ..........................

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