Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Il fait du soleil

Day off work. Sunshine - tricked it you see, wasn't expecting me to be free mid-week. Pleasant if unspectacular morning in the Forest (failing dismally to find any adders). Just felt good.
Heard something at pine cones - couldn't see and started wildly wondering if you could hear crossbills at work. then found the crossbill to be big and hairy.
Long tailed tits at 2 sites nest building. Found one nest, and to be honest didn't try for the other. Duly noted for when they are feeding though - better chance of photos then.
The nest was as lovely as ever - a delicate ball of moss, lichen and spider silk. Try clicking for a bigger view and see if blogger is playing ball today!
Truly for once this year the sun shone!

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