Friday, July 17, 2009

They ended up black (brown) and blue

Grabbing some sun between the showers I headed off to try and find something to photograph. Severnside was quiet, other than the sedge warblers still feeding some young,
so I decided to head for Slimbridge in the hope of snapping a wader or two. I did find a heron - but that's not the type of wader I had in mind! Note the pose in the second shot - I believe the herons refer to it as the 'Karate Kid' stance.
Waders being conspicuous by their absence, in range anyway, I settled on the corvids - jackdaws and rooks. The sun showed their true colours as a mix of blue and dark brown, rather than black.
Is it just me, or do the rooks make anyone else think of a witch's face? OK it's just me. They really are not so nice close up .......
but I could kick myself for my inept framing of this shot of an apparently footless but quite majestic individual. I seem to have seen a lot of birds over the last year or two with over grown beaks, but for once here it seems to add to the appearance, rather than detract.

As always the pictures show better HERE in the Latest Pictures album.

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Midmarsh John said...

Lovely photos of the various birds. I always find it surprising the mix of colours on some of those we consider black. It takes a close photo and the light in the right direction to be able to see them.