Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In the Doldrums?

It's coming to that time of year when the birds go, relatively, quiet. Birders' blogs start to show butterflies, moths and dragons and damsels (got to have pictures of things you can name!).

At the wetlands there really wasn't much to photograph, although I was pleased to watch a too distant flock of 7-8 bearded tits flying past. This little reed warbler was the only thing to pose in range, nestling beside the 'bearskins' of the reedmace. Even that didn't stay long.

In the garden the sparrows showed well. Looking at the beak I guess this is a juvenile, with a hint of 'gape' remaining - compare it to the third picture. the wall next to the bird table is a good spot to catch birds against the conifers over the road - nice to know the blasted things serve some purpose. The collared doves weren't too shy, but sadly the jackdaws wouldn't play ball. I'd wanted to snap one of the juveniles. Maybe I need to leave the hide up so they get used to it .
I did manage to snap one of the rare Monmouthshire crested blackbirds, though.

The white plume moth was posing again, this time from the other side, and I couldn't resist the greenbottle. I find it strangely intriguing. As with all the pictures, especially the insects, it looks better on the web album - click the link HERE and go to latest pictures.
I'm pretty sure this is a common green capsid bug....
but I'm struggling with these next two. The first had a white heart shaped pattern on it's 'face'.

If you know what they are, please leave a comment.

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