Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last night I spent a couple of hours sitting on my folding chair on the edge of a hay meadow. With an antihistamine keeping the sneezes at bay it was a good way to end a day - especially when the farmer in the neighbouring field, complete with 3 tractors, had finished collecting in the hay bales. Eventually, well past the time for pictures, I saw my target. Not this meadow brown (well you have to take at least one picture) .........
but a barn owl. A brief view as it flew into some trees, but a welcome sight so close to home. As I said, a good way to end the day.

P.S. For anyone interested I've added a couple more posts to the USA blog (otter and Space Coast) - click the link to the right.


Anonymous said...

The Meadow Brown photo is delightful - perfect composition.
I imagine the Barn Owl would also have looked great in that light - I have only seen one this year and too distantly to photograph.

Midmarsh John said...

It is always lovely to see an owl, Brian. Haven't seen a Barn Owl here though they are in the area. I do have a Tawny Owl visit sometimes. Always too dark to photograph it! They are such silent flyers it is usually a question of catching a moving object out of the corner of my eye or spotting a silhouette on top of a telegraph pole.