Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Would sticking a pin in the book be more accurate?

I thought if I bought a couple of insect books I'd have a fair chance of identifying a lot of the insects I stumble across, but it's not that easy - there are so many of the buggers!
As always the bug pictures show best on the web album - see links.
So here are a ragged red admiral (ship lost at sea perhaps?), small white and speckled wood butterflies. OK so far.
Then another scorpion fly - we seem to have quite a few around, but they just won't pose nicely. They're long, see, so I need to be side on with all the legs out the way. Or maybe a nice head shot. One day.
Garden spider and crab spider (yeah, I know, arachnids).
And the others I've not worked out yet.

I like the wasp mimic a lot, but just can't get a clear ID. If you know please tell me.

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Brian said...

After some digging I believe the hoverfly/wasp mimic to be Chrysotoxum festivum, should you care!