Monday, September 22, 2008

Respect your Elder

We're back at that time of year when getting up early to catch the best of the day, means getting up at a more civilised time, yet still catching sunrise (yes we had sun) and that lovely early morning light.

Some attempts to photograph adders again in the Forest of Dean fell a bit short of the mark due to a lack of adders. Much like the attempt to see the wryneck at Newport wetlands -apparently it was still there, and I probably walked past it several times, but after all the semi-naked octogenarians and dogs that Daryl Spittle described so calmly (here) it had found somewhere to hide for a few hours.

However in both spots the elder bushes were full of berries, wrens, dunnocks, blue tits and warblers (garden warbler, reed warbler, blackcap), whilst the hawthorn and brambles played second fiddle, but still threw up another reed warbler, the stonechat and whitethroat.

As always you can see much better quality versions of most of these pictures

by clicking here and looking the 'latest' album

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