Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dorset 2 - Some tell tales of bearded babies .........

In contrast to the relative isolation of the wild and windswept heaths, there is an RSPB reserve right in the middle of Weymouth - Radipole Lake. I managed to wangle couple of hours there on a day where there was some sun (and wind). A local was enjoying the chance to sunbathe on a special RSPB bathing terrace .........

whilst another watched the world go by until it's feathers grew.

A female ruddy duck came for a look, but sadly no male and no sign of the hooded merganser seen recently.

Unfortunately, half of the reserve was off limits due to flooding (told you it was wet!) and there was no sign of the hoped for bearded tits. Still a nice RSPB man tipped the wink about Lodmoor reserve just up the road and Kay and I called in to see a spoonbill (why are they always next to the far bank?), some black tailed godwits (ditto), and a small flock of beardies, of which two youngsters came in camera range - albeit briefly. Some birds just don't know how to pose properly.

Still, a pretty good day out. As ever, better quality views in my 'latest' album via the web albums link.

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