Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best of the rest July

Every so often I get a build up of pictures that I'd like to post, but for one reason or another haven't fitted into the blog. For me that often means wildlife other than birds. So here are a few recent examples (starting with some birds, just to be contrary!)
Swallow (Durdle Door campsite) - shot with a macro lens!

Whitethroat with twigs (Uskmouth) - I was torn here because there were a few family groups flitting around, but I wasn't getting clear shots and decided to head for the bearded tits again

Sedge warbler (Uskmouth)

Fallow deer (Arne)

Meadow brown (Durdle Door) - the week's only butterfly that braved the winds!

OK from hereon in they're flowers, so if that's not your bag farewell! You have to love the names though. All from Dorset - either Durdle Door or Radipole. Remember flowers are my second most guessed at identifications (after fungi), so if they're wrong just let me know.

Viper's Bugloss

Common Toadflax

Purple Loosestrife

Burdock (Lesser?)

Marsh woundwort

Common mallow

Orchid at Radipole - the flowers look like pyramidal, but never seen such a big head, so really not 100% sure. The guides say pyramidal and southern marsh grow at Radipole, and it's not the latter.

And finally this little plant growing on the downs at Durdle Door really has me stumped - just can't work it out from my books - so if you know please post a comment
As always better quality versions of the photos will be added to the web gallery
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Elaine said...

Thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you for posting your photographs - and thoughts.