Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anything Dorset can do ...................

After Radipole I was again tempted to Uskmouth where the beardies seem to have been more in evidence this year - or perhaps I'm just tuned into the calls better.

A reed bunting was working it's way through an elder bush ....

and just for a second I thought there was something unusual in sight, until the profile changed and revealed the classical robin shape. Then again ...... Lewis Thomson (see comments and links to right) has kindly pointed out this is actually a juvenile stonechat, so it was somewhat unusual after all!

But there was more success on the beardie front. As well as the quite frequent pinging, I had another reasonable view of two juveniles although I was disappointed with the clarity of the shots. No wind and reasonable sunshine, but they do tend to bounce around a bit .....

and fly off.
Brilliant to find the evidence of breeding locally.
As always better views via the photo gallery link, in the 'latest' album.


Lewis Thomson said...

Hi Brian, Nice pics, good to see the Bearded Tits are doing well! Your juvenile Robin is actually a juvenile Stonechat!! They do look very similar.


Lewis T.

Brian said...

Thanks Lewis - that explains the appearance of the wings which had me scratching my head a bit as the markings weren't the same as the juvenile robin I got earlier this year! I just couldn't think what it else it could be. There was an adult male stonechat flitting around about 100 yards away.