Monday, May 05, 2008


I've rather neglected Uskmouth this year, so it was about time I made my annual trip to fail to photograph a Cetti's warbler. Heading for the brambles along the coastal strip I found several obliging whitethroats instead.

I did find a Cetti's - the trick is to watch for the calling posts they use when marking their territory, and stake one out. At first I was a bit disappointed as I didn't get a clear view, but I've since decided that this is actually a better representation of what you normally see! And it is quite sharp.

Ducking inland I have some slightly higher hopes for the screens at the lagoons f you can sneak behind without the birds seeing you. Once you are still behind the screen they do show. Never got even a half decent shot of a little egret there before.

Just picked up the camera to move on when I heard a 'ping' along the track. Like the 'tik' of a hawfinch, once you have heard the pinging call of a bearded tit/reedling you don't forget it. And for once, despite the wind, I got a beautiful male in focus (well near enough!).

Better quality versions will appear in web album (see link to right).

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