Monday, April 28, 2008

Carpe diem

Again this weekend just had a few hours to spend out looking, although the visit of my dad plus dog meant I had an excuse to wander the local lanes and see what flowers were out.
On Saturday though, I was up early in the hope the promised sun would light up the adders again. Sadly the sun didn't appear until I was due back home. I did see the pair again having called in on my homeward journey, but no chance of decent photos. However if you remember the previous post of the blue eyed snake about to shed it's skin ? The skin was there!

The chiff-chaffs have morphed into willow warblers, but remain frustratingly out of reach.

If the sun wasn't going to play ball I thought I'd try for a siskin at Cannop Ponds feeding station. Best I managed was this rather crappy 'feeder' shot, but the grumpy reed bunting provided a bit of fun, and the mandarin ducks are now sufficiently habituated to come wandering up to see what has fallen from the feeders.

On the wildflower front I missed a lovely cuckoo pint with a heavy suffusion of purple - the flower wilted overnight - but got a couple of reasonable snaps.

The celandine are still flowering away, ........

as were the greater stitchwort

red campion

red, white and yellow dead-nettle (need to try again for the yellow - pictures didn't do it justice)

and last but by no means least the humble dandelion - one field was a mass of yellow, and looked great.

So not too bad, although the restricted light shows - but I do feel I need a proper day out! So much to see at this time of year.

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