Sunday, April 13, 2008

Local patching II

With the in-laws down for a few days and some jobs to do just had a little time for pics this weekend. John is into castles, so we nipped down to Chepstow,

and to my pleasant surprise there were a few flowers of interest
cuckoo pint

(ever)green alkanet

herb robert

and my first bluebells of the year (sorry about the glare not got in the habit of taking the polarising filter this year).

Back at home at least one of the sparrow boxes is in use, lined with miscanthus seedheads and (whisper it) pieces of next doors hanging baskets.

A trip to Uskmouth on a hot afternoon between showers was a bit deserted, although some of the gadwall were having fun. Sod's law the GC grebes seemed to be up to something, but hidden away in the refuge section I had no more than glimpses.

A cheerful starling rounded off the day in an unmistakable silhouette.
Quite like that one.

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