Monday, May 12, 2008

Warbling again

Back to Uskmouth to try again for the Italian.
There were still a good number of sedge warblers shouting from the reeds - a friendly soul recording birdsong told me they stop singing when they find a mate, so this poor guy obviously is still a gooseberry.

Another pair had moved on to collecting nesting material.

No real close-up shots though, which was a bit disappointing. The reed warblers too were in song, and proved a little more approachable.

More bearded tits were pinging everywhere along the coastal reed beds - near enough to view through the lens, but a bit too far for a photo. There really do seem to be quite a few around.
I believe these are the caterpillars of The Lackey. They live communally in this tent - kind of new age travellers I guess. They should be better seen on the web album - I'll use the 'latest' album as I haven't set one up for insects yet.

Finally, at last, I got some decent shots of this Cetti's warbler, which posed quite well in this particular tree. So who was Francesco Cetti? An Italian born in Germay (?) in the 18th century who grew up to be a Jesuit priest, a professor of mathematics .......... and a zoologist. He didn't name the bird, it was named after him, having been 'collected' in Sardinia. And it's Chetty, not Setty - the RSPB website says so! Didn't you always wonder?

To crown another good morning I found that the cafe at the RSPB visitor centre are readers of this very blog, have taken due note of my review (see post April 7th) and now offer bacon butties with their lovely black coffee. Brilliant.

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