Friday, February 08, 2008

Winter blues

Some days it's hard to remember we're still in the midst of winter. The snowdrops up the lane are a week or two ahead of last year, and the sky can be summer blue.
We have loads of blue tits in the garden at present. Our garden birdwatch count may only have been 7 at one time, but flocks are clearly moving through constantly, judging by the rate we are getting through peanuts.
It's all too easy to forget how tough this time of year can be for the little guys though, and even though the winter has been pretty mild here so far, not all are going to make it.

Mind you it could be much worse. On Mike McDowell's blog (see digiscoping link to the right) he describes Wisconsin mornings when all the local birds have lost their tail feathers, because they've frozen to their perch overnight.
I was surprised to see how healthy this one looked given that massively overgrown bill, but he can certainly eat pastry, and I guess must still be managing other food as well.

Fingers crossed we keep some decent weather beyond the next week.

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