Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big Garden Birdwatch II

Back online, and now on broadband - at last! Another Big Garden Birdwatch last Staurday, and last weekend actually saw some reasonable weather at times. We've been doing a lot of feeding this year, and the addition of pastry to the mix has added another strand to the attraction bow, so our numbers were generally up this year, with the exception of house sparrows.

Stars of the show this year were the starlings, with 22 being the highest number.
This lot come in mob handed, aiming for the pastry and raisins. The same mix has proved to be the main attraction to the blackcaps. The male we have this year is pretty shy and hard to snap ........

but the female is bolder. The second of these shots was taken yeaterday with me lying full length, but in full view, on a frosty patio.The newcomers to our BGBW records (that sounds a bit anal to me. I don't keep a record, but I don't recall us ever having them regularly, and I certainly didn't mention them in last years blog entry) were the wagtails, and the pair of pieds are also getting quite tolerant of my presence. The grey has taken to sitting around the base of the birdtable, which is really not very photogenic.
Of the rest greenfinch did very well at 11, house sparrows and blue tits 7 each, chaffinch at 6. We only had 1 goldfinch, and this has been the pattern so far this year - usually a pair - but I've just seen a group of 8 on the feeders, so perhaps the weather change might have moved some around.
I always feel it's nice to contribue to this annual event. It's been nicer still having some sun and the chance to take some photo's! Try clicking the pictures for bigger versions.

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