Monday, February 11, 2008

Let sleeping ducks lie

Sunshine and a high tide led me to Slimbridge on Saturday, having failed miserably to find the Frampton cattle egret en route. I eventually got in - what time is 9.30 to open - and found the birds well down on recent numbers. And all asleep - at least that's how it seemed.

Common Teal - who sleep standing

Tufted duck

Pintail - with a flicker of life at last
The waking up thing slowly caught on

and soon the wigeon looked positively energeticWaders were a bit distant, but the usual suspects were there, with a curlew
and a redshank just about coming into range (thank God for 10MP)
Nice enough couple of hours before the hide population became intolerable - I bet it's great midweek, but when there are more people than birds it's time to leave!
[OK I know that's an exaggeration, but I just can't handle the elbow-to-elbow thing]

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