Monday, January 22, 2018

Urban peregrines 4 - reaching for the heavens

Whatever your views on religion you can't deny that some of the best buildings in our cities are places of worship.  After snapping the peregrines in town I spent a few more early weekend mornings a bit further out of the centre gazing up at the architecture of a church. 

I had high hopes, some nice ornamentation (ok I'm no architectural photographer)

and although the stone changed colour quite dramatically depending on the light

the potential was there.

It was frustrating though that the target of my visits avoided the gargoyles and more ornate carvings, choosing the very top of the spire.  It felt more like an astrophotography set up,

but I had a few visits and one or two were in the light.  Given the distance to the birds I suppose they aren't too bad, but they came in fast and I never caught a landing shot.  No feeding here either.

The last was another play with silver efex pro - with a featureless grey sky it made sense to try black and white.  Looks a bit better in a bigger size.

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