Saturday, May 07, 2016

The fox and the earth

Foxes have their habits.  Like badgers they stick to their paths, giving you the prospect of intercepting them.  Wild foxes are wary though so there is always some doubt about the prospects of getting a snap.  We had seen this vixen a few times crossing the newly worked field and always about the same time in the evening, so I took advantage of one of the deep ruts and bedded down early one evening to try my luck.
Sure enough she popped up, although not from the direction I expected.
I realised she knew something was in the field, but the advantage of a long lens and some scrim is that you are not obviously a person, so she just watched, leaving because she was heading on her way, not from fear.

Despite appearances in one shot no feeding used for this session.  Just a shame the light is shaded off the earth by this time as in the sun the colours would have glowed. 

In the woods the badger tracks run though the spring flowers. 

I had a shot in mind so another evening sat late to try my luck.  I did see a badger, but frustratingly the flash set up I tried misfired so this wasn't the standard I hoped.

Still you learn a bit more every time - like trying it out more first!

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