Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back to the woods

Our little community woodland is looking good this spring.  At least three of the nest boxes are in use - just tits, but hey it's good.

The feeding, drinking and bathing station now boasts a proper little hide and I think this will pay dividends, although the jay and crow still seem a bit nervous.  The woodpeckers are regular visitors at present to the woodpecker tree we put in - wondering whether to be a flycatcher

and a bit of shadow puppetry - note the bottom right hand corner.  Still it needs to learn to make more than a woodpecker.

The treecreeper isn't bathing at present, but it does like the woodpecker tree.

The woodpeckers also drink from the pool

 as does the woodpigeon.

I had a magpie down but struggled with framing.  One problem is the lens needed for a magpie doesn't work so well for a treecreeper.  Maybe I need to try the zoom.

A pair of asian longtailed woodchickens are prowling around - legs cropped to avoid showing the plastic bird table.

To close an new one for me.  The long tailed tits are enjoying the suet / fatballs, but one showed some acrobatic skills while it ate a sunflower seed.

Those legs don't look strong enough do they?

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