Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Winter wetland

For 5 or 6 months of the year I live near a lake bridged by the M48

but most summers it disappears.

I have realised I get satisfaction from taking pictures on my local patch, but I haven't spent the time there I should have really - there are sometimes good flocks of wintering wildfowl, and the whistling of the wigeon is one of my sounds of the winter.  A couple of years ago when the flood didn't recede I snapped the little egrets and a kingfisher, and seeing some egrets reappearing as the water falls back this year I thought I'd have another go, even though the old bistort stems do tend to get in the way of snaps.

The egrets seemed wary of my hide even though it's a low level one but over e few hours other birds did show.  I'm afraid the coot nest may soon be high and dry - a couple of others have already been abandoned, maybe even raided by the local foxes.

Eventually the egrets dd come a bit closer, but still wary and never the good views of last time.

Oh well, another time....... 

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