Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Not just birds .......

Time with the camera has been a bit restricted and the one opportunity I did get didn't lead to any birds coming to pose.  For the first time though another new subject appeared.
 In the last couple of months I've been to a couple of talks - Danny Green and 20/20 Vision - as well as reading about photography for the first time in a while. and it's been good to think again about how I approach my projects. 
I enjoyed The Handbook of Bird Photography by Markus Varesvuo, Jari Peltomaki and Bence Mate.  A lot of it is not new, but it's good to be reminded, and Bence Mate especially has an innovative approach that appeals even if I don't see myself ever going as far as he has.
When writing about photographing with water he's a fan of reflections, but I'm not so sure, even when there is perfect symmetry and a 'clean' mirror image.  I think they can look contrived.  The top shot above is not a great example I will admit, but personally I prefer the second framing.

That said this snap from a few years ago does work I think.  Shame about the distraction to the left - a case for a bit of photoshopping?
From Woodland puddles


Hairy Caveman said...

Hi Brian! Stunning picture! Personally I like reflections as long as they don't distract too much from the real thing. Perfect mirror images just seem to annoy me!
Kind regards, Brian.

Brian J Davis said...

Hi Brian, interesting topic. I'm not a great lover of reflections either although as in the case of my recent √Član valley stuff I think that sometimes they add a certain something. Over the years there have been some stunners on Birdguides and they always seem to go down well.
On another note but of a similar theme, I worry about backgrounds. I think we all strive to get clutter free backgrounds, but sometimes I think they look contrived too. Sometimes it's nice to have "habitat" shots don't you think?

Brian said...

Backgrounds do matter, although I
having looked at lots of pics the real standout ones tend to be where the background tells you about the environment. This was my favourite recent example I don't mind some foliage, etc, but what does grate for me is the bright white line - usually grass or a twig. And really hard to deal with even in photoshop. Often you notice it best looking at thumbnails where it stands out a mile.