Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Far project rolls on

Yep, getting to be a bit of an obsession, but I still feel there is more to come.  The male hawfinch at least is still coming and I have this hope that some time in the next weeks he'll bring his family with him.  Mind you though the siskins have beaten him to it.  Can you tell mum from the kids?

As the siskins have returned the redpolls have disappeared, but the other regulars are still coming - including the squirrel which was driving me mad until I dumped some food off to one side for him and his mates.

Mind you a combination of the squirrel and woodpecker kept chasing the hawfinch.  It wasn't too bothered but did finally give me a chance of a shot on a branch.  Mostly though it's down on the ground.  At one point it froze and looked skywards for several minutes.  I presume a raptor or maybe corvid was up above, but in time it relaxed - and so did I.  Don't want to lose him.

Click on the pics for bigger views.


Hairy Caveman said...

Great pictures as always! The squirrel peering over the log has to be one of the cutest photo's I've seen for a long time! Thanks for posting! Kind regards, Brian.

Brian said...

thanks Brian. Preferred him on that side of the wood though!