Thursday, May 16, 2013

Change of scene

Not exactly a break from the birds, as some of the pics were taken going to or from my project sites, but others were taken walking the dog and there's not a bird to be seen.
A favourite of mine at this time of year is the cuckoo pint.  It;s a shame the 'flowers' don't last longer. 

The young mare's tail caught my eye, but they are soon turning into the more familiar indestructible shoots.  I must snap the mature form too, just for the record.

The stars of the show though are the orchids.  To start early purple noticed in the woods - snapped with the pocket camera, so wide angle and not the highest quality

and secondly a new one for me - green winged - Rich and Nic's second orchid species in their meadow.  I wonder how many more types will pop up over the next few years.  I so hope we get some in our (the villages) own meadow.  Patience will be key.  Anyway some rather rushed  shots between showers and pre-gym.  Click on the pic to see bigger views showing why they have the name they do.

Another woodland gem, the wood anemone.

And finally a few of the old favourites from the local fields.

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