Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The beaches - shorebirds

One thing we weren't short of on holiday was good beaches. 

Kay tans, but my celtic roots have blessed me with the ability to burn through clothing!  SPF100 proved to work pretty well, but I still grilled quite fast, the ideal excuse to grab the camera and head off to see what birds were about.  The previous years crop were still around - plover

brown pelican

more snowy egret

and sanderling.

At Clam Pass a small river attracted least sandpipers

and curlew sandpipers (I think - wintering shorebirds not my forte!).

Also at Clam Pass at high tide each day there was a good Black Skimmer flock.  Regular disturbance by beach walkers meant there were opportunities for flight shots, although the wind and sun weren't in harmony for the best lit shots.

Another beach first were small flocks of white ibis.

The final surprise at Clam Pass was a pair of horseshoe crab in the surf.

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