Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not a horned helmet in sight ......

Some more pics from the US to follow, but a temporary diversion as I finally succumbed to the lure of the Scandinavian raiders that seem to be absolutely everywhere at present.  Actually 2 tribes  - glancing out of the window I saw a brambling on the sunflower seed feeders -

but the truth of it is it's the waxwings that just get to me!  My photo galleries must have way more shots of this species than any other, perhaps because I still haven't got THE shot.  But it's also because they are so attractive, so tolerant of snappers and maybe even the fact that their habit of flitting in, feeding for a minute or two and flitting off again lends a certain tension to grabbing each shot.

This flock was just up the road in Chepstow feeding on a hawthorn hedge (bit too twiggy!).  An early start was foiled by a persistent bank of low cloud that filtered out all the warm dawn light I had visualised the night before.  Still at least the birds were there, and they came down close boding well should the light improve.

The light did improve and I did get some snaps,

although I still feel I failed again to find what I was looking for - and no, I don't quite know what that is until I see it.  This next shot  I did like, but tighten in at 100% and it's just not pin sharp, unlike the more static shot that follows.

If you are not completely bored senseless by the dozens of shots weighing down the interweb at present click HERE to see a few more.  And come on ...... don't you just love 'em!

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