Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farne Away II

The seals make a nice aperitif, but it's the cliff faces that really whet the appetite, peppered with auk species, kittiwakes and shags.

The beauty of the early all-day trips is that you get the chance to spend time on the 2 islands that allow visitors, welcomed on the first by puffins, the second by arctic terns.  And therein lies one of the problems with occasional visits to the Farnes.  Both these species have the tendency to grab your focus and distract you from the other birds no less deserving of attention.  I've been before.  I knew this.  Yet I still got sucked in, especially by the puffins, but I did try honestly!  I guess the answer is to make a couple of trips in rapid succession so that you finally get overloaded by 'flying puffin/tern with beakfull of sandeel /fish shots'.  Anyway more of puffins and terns later.

I did take some snaps of guillemots (more brown than black, something I hadn't really noted before) including the first pics I have managed of the 'bridled' form (spectacled would seem a better name) complete with punk offspring, and some pics of one in Happy Feet mode.

Razorbills (these are black) are a real favourite with their Desperate Dan chinline and that fabulous eye line.  One appeared to have landed on such a small ledge it couldn't move.

The fact that at the smallest I had a 300mm lens was a bit of a problem with the shags  - they are big and close, but I did like the impact of the green eyes and yellow mouth in the shot below.  And how ugly are those chicks!

I didn't really get a shot I liked of the kittiwakes, this squeezed in view of feeding being about the best.
Next time  - must try harder

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