Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farne Away I

Other than the couple of days in Newcastle our trip up north was based at Beadnell, and given the two border collies (1 ours, 1 the 'in-laws') the proximity to the lovely beach was much needed.  When it's not for work I can get up fairly early, taking the dogs down for a walk.  Not so good for photography, but given the clouds anyway the light wasn't up to much most of the time, and given the rain the camera didn't get out too much!

I did get to see a few sand martins, to complement the house martins using the house we had rented, the local kestrel, a linnet having a rest on the beach and there was the odd fly-by gull.

Walking the dogs with the others later in the day we came across a wood pigeon making up for the lack of local woods, and a nice patch of northern marsh orchids on the golf course.

But snatching pictures here and there felt short of the mark, knowing that the Farne Islands were just up the road and right a bit.  So when it was clear the weather was going to be sunny mid-week I managed to wangle a pass for the day.

I've been over a few times now, and each time the numbers of visitors go up.  There must have been 50 people heading over on the first 2 boats of the day, and as I can never be bothered getting to the front of a queue I found myself stuck in the middle of the deck. No risk of splashing, but a bugger to try and snap the birds we passed though the heads of those sitting around the edges.

Still I managed to grab few shots, and the seals were easier being raised up that bit more as they gently steamed in the early sunshine.

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