Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting back on track

After a few weekends back into the sad rhythm of wet weekends, coupled with a singular lack of success tempting something interesting in front of the lens I decided to go for a session at my woodland puddles ..........

After an hour or two snapping floating seeds Igave up and spent a while seeing if I could get a shot of the birds using the feeding station I have set up nearby. No joy there, even the chaffinches and my first nuthatch there avoiding the shutter. I took a step back, had a sit down and just watched for a while.
The light was swinging round by now, and most of the birds were carefully avoiding my props - with the exception of this goldfinch -
so I wasn't sure how quite heavily backlit shots would come out. In the end I was pleasantly surprised, and delighted to see some of my old friends back.

The vivid orange spot in two of the shots is a seed case, not the fishing float it appears!
As always better resolution posts on the web album here or click the link to the right.


Caroline Gill said...

These are terrific. I'm glad you were finally rewarded.

Brian said...

Thanks Caroline.