Friday, June 12, 2009

A lovely time of year

Don't you just love this time of year? But way too many pictures! I've put a few in this post, but more and overall better quality shots can be seen in the 'latest pictures' album here. Use the slideshow - it's the best way to view.

My dad recently had a heart bypass op, so I had a week up north (Widnes), where I managed a couple of early morning trips out. One was to Marshside on the Sefton coast, so there are some wader shots later on, but the other times were visits to Pex Hill, an old childhood haunt on the very edge of our rambling range. In the years - 20, even 30 maybe - since I was last there the oak trees had grown from the stunted 8 footers I remember. Still not Forest of Dean jobs, but you had to look up. And a good mix to see......
Chiff chaff
juvenile long tailed tit - not quite got the hang of that tail yet
wren - all beak as it blasts out that incongruously loud song
song thrush
Nothing special, yet it was.
In dad's garden it was all activity again, with a young blue tit and robin seemingly unconcerned about my presence. The robin came for some food and was so close even my macro lens seemed too much - the depth of field just caught the bill and eye.
A lime hawkmoth was nearby on the pavement - sorry it's a rubbish photo!
At Marshside it was sadly overcast, but the waders were near enough to make it worthwhile, although I never realised how long avocets were - try getting them sharp all the way along!
Black tailed godwit
I had to include this shellduckling, complete with nasal drip!

At both Marshside and back home at Uskmouth the orchids were a treat - northern marsh orchids (you've guessed it - up north) ......

southern marsh orchids (bracketing a common spotted)
and pyramidal.
There were sedge warblers in song at both sites .......
and a good number of juvenile reed buntings at Uskmouth
Let's not forget the insects - do you know what this is?
It's the cocoon of a burnet moth.
This is Oedemera nobilis - the swollen legs indicate a male
and, to close, The Lackey - a moth with cracking caterpillars that start out in a communal web- like nest, before those that survive venture further afield leaving the skeletal remains of those that didn't.
So there we are. If I've not bored you rigid there are more pictures, and maybe better ones, of these and a few other species in the 'latest pictures' album - click here. Do use the slideshow - it's the best way to view.

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Midmarsh John said...

Lovely photos for a lovely time of year, Brian. You certainly found plenty of activity.