Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like geese in clover ....

Another weekend on call meant the Forest was out of bounds, so it was back to the wetlands, not least in the hope of finding the little owl being mentioned in recent posts.

Some have grumbled about the RSPB presence and the impact of the visitor centre, complete with kids play area. I certainly feel it's bad they no longer sell bacon butties. Bird-wise though an early visit produced the owl - perched on top of one of the rides in the play area. Well I suppose it is a little owl.
The canada goose family were also at the centre, making the most of the daisy/clover lawn area, and when I was leaving had wandered into the wildflower grassland. I kind of like these shots. Peaceful.
Meanwhile the owl had moved to scowl from another perch.
Out at the lagoons a swan was enjoying the weather,
a reed warbler was too busy to pose properly,
but the recently reliable sedge warbler
and a whitethroat caught the sun nicely.
A rabbit came quite close to have a look while I was sitting patiently waiting for the whitethroat, although eventually it seemed to cotton on, thumped it's hind leg and nipped back into the brambles.
Back home a froghopper led to the macro lens getting an airing
so I picked up the mullein moth caterpillar munching on a mullein (verbascum) that had seeded from somewhere. Intriguingly there is a type of verbascum called a moth mullein, as well as a moth called a mullein moth.
At the pond was a large red damselfly,
and I've dug out a tweaked shot of a pond skater and a scorpion fly I took some weeks ago. the scorpion fly pic is fairly rubbish, but it's the first shot I've got of a male with a proper 'sting'.

As I said last post - it's a lovely time of year. Check the 'latest pictures' album for better quality shots HERE

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