Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The New Year was ushered in with a trio of raptors, and promises that at least the buzzards may prove to be a source of more pictures as they have taken to using the trees around a field just a couple of hundred yards from home.
The short eared owl and kestrel were down at Aust Warth on Severnside, but the light was poor again.

Meanwhile the wagtails are like buses. These shots were taken when I was trying to track down some fieldfares near home.

The close up shows that the grey wag at least was feeding on rat-tailed maggots. May sound like something from a Pogues Christmas song, but is actually - and I feel almost unbelievably - the larval stage of a type of hoverfly (Eristalis). Look at the long tail used for breathing when in the water.

Also observe the curious phenomenon known as sunshine, clearly detectable in the last 2 pictures - it may have been brief but the timing was helpful!

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